08 Oct 2018 09:41

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iHerb.com is an web store located in the USA. iHerb Canada store is really a subdomain on iHerb.com where it helps you to view each of the products in CA dollars. Using this method, if you are located in Canada, and you live there, you don’t need to convert USA dollars into Canadian dollars.

One CAD = 0.775 USA dollars.


We've researched how iHerb customers from Canada review their experience shopping from www.iherb.com

Here are the outcome of our small iHerb Canada Review research:

Product & services pricing?: ?9.61/10

Shipping & packaging?: ?9.62/10

Customer service?: ?9.63/10

Potential for future purchase?: ?9.63/10


Many purchasers at prosport-club.com have asked us if iHerb ships to Canada. The answer is yes - iHerb continues to be successfully shipping orders to Canada for more than 15 years!

[[image https://s3.images-iherb.com/static/i/menu/iherb-logo.png

Tax and duties may be imposed on customers with order values exceeding CAD 20.00

iHerb Customer satisfaction

For specifics of customs, import duties, etc., visit: Canada Border Services Agency, Canada Post’s Customs Requirements


DHL: All D&T and charges are prepaid; no further payments are expected at the time of delivery.

UPS: You might want to pay import taxes, customs duties, or a brokerage (handling) fee for the order. These expenditure is apart from your shipping fee, and you will be billed directly from selecting carrier.

Delivery by Local Post: Relates to orders valued approximately $100.00 and weighing only 4 lbs (1.8kg). With this option, tracking can be obtained as much as destination country. Because of reduced accessibility local postal network, final mile delivery tracking are not available. iHerb is striving towards better visibility using this type of option.

Landmark Global: All D&T and charges are prepaid; no further payments are expected during delivery.


Please be aware; the following substances are not allowed to be imported into Canada: DHEA, human growth hormones, Vitamin K.

Normally, no more than a 90-day method of getting supplements is allowed for import into Canada.

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